1994 Stewart and Stevenson LMTV M1079 diesel for sale by owner - Rochester, MN - craigslist (2024)

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1994 Stewart and Stevenson LMTV M1079 diesel for sale by owner - Rochester, MN - craigslist (1)

1994 Stewart and Stevenson LMTV M1079

condition: excellent

drive: 4wd

fuel: diesel

odometer: 7050

title status: clean

transmission: automatic

type: van

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1994 Stewart and Stevenson
7050 miles
Engine: Caterpillar 3116 turbo, full mechanical 225HP
Allison Push Button 7-Speed Transmission
GVWR: 24004 Under CDL

Some Dimensions:
Outer Stock Box L=148.75";, H=85.25";, W= 94.25";
Sleeper add-on adds 25.625"; to length, Its outer Height is 52.375";
Inner Stock Box L=144.50";, W=94.00, H=79.50";
Sleeper add on adds 29.75"; minus however much insulation is added. Presently its unfinished, just the aluminum skin over the angle frame.
Walls are 2.125"; thick

The vehicle is sold as is, where is. The buyer is responsible for vehicle pick-up or shipping. Full payment required prior to pick-up or shipping release. Actual cash or paid via the PrivateAuto.com Pay app. No other payments accepted.
PrivateAuto Pay is a self-service, peer to peer payment app for private vehicle sales that allows users to verify a driver’s license, eSign the bill of sale, and instantly transfer funds anytime, anyplace. The app/service is completely free to the buyer. It works like an escrow with USalliance Financial as the licensed and insured banking institution as the middle man. The app is a little unfriendly until your account is set-up and your identity is confirmed, then it’s pretty slick. It’s the best app for transferring money for private party vehicle sales.

General stock information can be found here: https://man.fas.org/dod-101/sys/land/docs/m1079.htm
Other than a radio, speakers, USB and 12vdc outlet, the cab is in near stock condition. I have not even installed a cup holder.
The shelter interior is also near stock/unfinished condition except for the extra space created by the build-out.
I had plans to turn this into an overland RV, a SHTF van. My first concerns were the truck itself. All fluids were drained and replaced. Additions, deletions, alterations, modifications were done; see below. These mechanical “truck itself” tasks were no small feat. Everything on this truck is big and heavy. The time, effort, expense, and sourcing were no small effort. So, the most difficult tasks are done.
What should have been the fun, enjoyable and far easier tasks I never got to. Other projects took priority. Job, life, COVID, etc. Time, funds and my patience dried up. So, this project sits unfinished.
I was going to have a platform (porch/deck) between the cab and shelter. I was considering creating a pass through from the cab onto the platform. I was also planning to have a bathroom on that platform that slid out when parked. A glorified outhouse. That was why I did some of the things I did.

The area between the cab and shelter has been cleared out to make way for porch/platform.
On my first use of the spare tire hydraulic lift, the boom bent while lowering the tire. The tire was just too heavy for it. It was unable to lift it back into storage position. The carrier and hydraulic system were removed. The cab tilt mechanism is now behind front right bumper. Two spare tires are now attached at the rear of the truck with a reliable lift mechanism.
The air intake was re-routed to under the right corner of the cab.
The rusted steel coolant tank was replaced with a new/old-stock aluminum one and moved closer to the cab.
The truck lifting tubes and inserts for rail head lifting or air lift transport were removed.
The upper boxes and generator carrier were removed.
The air-lift spreader bar at top of shelter was removed.
The batteries and air tanks carrier was removed and a custom one installed.
The air dryer was updated to newer cassette style model and moved to underside.
The exhaust was rerouted and improved. A new cone style pass through muffler and deletion of several hard 90 degree turns should yield an increase in mpg.
The 56-gallon fuel tank was removed and replaced by two 150-gallon tanks (approx. 125-gallon usable). Should increase range to over 1500 miles.
All six tires are on aluminum wheels from a MRAP.. These aluminum wheels are lighter and stronger allowing the tires to be inflated to 100psi, thus reducing both the unsprung weight and rolling resistance. All six tires have bead locks. All six tires have balancing beads installed in them. Wheel hubs had longer lug studs inserted to accommodate the thicker aluminum wheels. The problematic CTIS system was removed and capped off allowing tires to be balanced by the beads and inflated to 100 psi instead of 60psi. It should increase tire life. Four Staun Tyre deflators are included as well as air hose and inflator. Increased tire pressure coupled with lower unsprung weight should yield increased MPG with an even smoother ride.
The shelter itself was turned around. This allowed more space for the ‘porch and allowed a build out extension as well as space for the two spare tires.
3.07 “high speed” or “Highway” gears installed. The speedometer has been corrected and reads accurately. I have not turned up the engine so top speed still seems to be 60-65’ish. This should also increase the mpg.
Custom bumper with civilian style LED lights.
Shelter also has civilian style marker/clearance LED lights.
LED headlights
Frame disclaimer: As I understand, any modifications to the frame needs to be disclosed to the buyer. In order to mount these additions, deletions, alterations, modifications I needed to drill some new holes into the frame for the bolts. Whenever possible I used existing holes (bumper is a great example) but existing holes rarely were where I needed them.
The batteries died and I couldn’t recover them so the batteries are brand new, now with a solar maintainer.
I removed over 3000 pounds of unnecessary weight. I then added 2500 pounds back on. The larger fuel tanks and its extra 200 gallon of extra fuel accounts for the majority of this at 1800 pounds. The 2nd spare tire cost another 320 pounds. The aluminum build-out shelter extension, spare tires mount, bumper, Batteries/air tank mounts and hardware rounds out the rest of the added back on weight. Instead of a 5000-pound payload, it’s closer to 5500 pounds.
This 1994 LMTV M1079 SHTF Van is listed on Craigslist, eBay, Facebook MarketPlace and PrivateAuto.com.

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    1994 Stewart and Stevenson LMTV M1079 diesel for sale by owner - Rochester, MN - craigslist (2024)


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