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Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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THE BOOTH AUSTRALIAN CHRONICLE SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 13 1884 10 ta Pall jm bat Mi 1 thrown at local authorities mo issuing precautionary Jun Jnirtf ThCMM BVM in Penh with hte nether a widow Bomedevayeon TO AB1OB AMD OTHKM WAYMOUTHHTRRET ADELAIDE V7eowaxS09e Testimonial RtURMBB 1 pm borons MMfMtaM owiac setfitt 3x96271 ADELAIDE PROPELLER DASH CHURN LOUDON JOTTINGS tsssau Business Notice TAYLOR BROTHERS AGKVTSs COCOAS TOOK AS MARAVILLA DEECTIVE ORIGINAL) tbaimteelto epeetodeef a min at pottoan drown athwart the heed QarHngtau street to psoteet Lord Balisbury's town adopted and that th vaet nan of London sewage must be wholly withdrawn from the Thames at whatever coat Meanwhile the Mto too bight? ef the flunean goodhumed contempt The Cerites emmed bat behind tbe mt there van eartomnem and camera I have spoken she Monday with many Ocamrve five who da net dtogutoe tbdr ntoattea ef distinguished figroe in tha The ball seemed at bit foot when tame were showered upon him at Ma reward for same daBeate aervtee veil dam in the captoty cf Britiah militroy otto oh at the Bunton bead querten during foe Batao Takto war Ho found himself to to envy Ct many at to age of 35 a fall octanal to to my aide dveanp to to Qmm and ato an it atm Mteoafeta MWWOB1HU1 VW Benn Plato WONDERUL LIGHT RUNNING IS THE KING ALL SEWING MACHINES OR SIMPLICITY SILENCE LIGHTNESS AND GENERAL USEULNESS adsett that ttoPeemferive Bl is quite withfa to range at wf practical pdfofoe fodaed towh to stand mafolly and pateM eaDy to upheld the vfcrtae at Me eett denying Mtoopety We did mt ooy anything ettor for or against thia novel fonn of deaaooratle She theory cf land natiosMlteatioc at yon eaS it to too aboard far any nan of any aeDae ever to take it up It is eo topractl cable and unfair and nocsensteal tot it never can got any farther than the pagea of a few rfDy enttaariasta Mho George Yon night ae well to if to millanntam to a question of practical poMtia ae thia new atone hatched la the brain of a acocndrata Ancrimn preen naan Hie idaaa are about ao far removed from eoaaaaen aamo legislation ao are tone of to Peace Society or to fools vhe advocate the earing ct the money market by printing ulimited banknote" We naked him if bo hod ever rand Mr George's bcoto or any other veto bearing on the questicn hinting tot a poHtirien ho ought to maka himself acquainted with what tone reforming agitator wore thinking No" be arid have not read Mr book and vhat la more I in tend to waste any too over such rubbish He to not worth etodytag any more than toe last pamr'iet publtobed in Tinboetoo nr Testimonial tf upon with vigor Sevwv are being Bached with water charged with dirinfectauto the roadveya are being watered ant to oeurte and aDeyr sprinkled with a chemical aoIuUoo Everywhere the whitewash brash ia being brandished and strict supervistou to being ergantoad over the eJums and common lodginghouses eomparatively new organlseticu to Metropatitoa Aeyfoms Board now tafcaa concern with to treatment and dlipoaal by anflaren from epidemica It was orlgfaaOj imitated for to purpom of earing fog too lonatoot the metropolis heno ite mum but there haa devolved upon it to duty nt dealing with epidemics and it earrioo cut tta impofato work qutotiy end eririaatly that Ittoeoareely beard of It baa wimly allied iteelf ao tar aa regarde to wort of conveying patlente with to St John Ambulance Am ctotton to deputy chairmen of which Mr Barrington Kvnoett vhe has conducted ambulance work in every campaign la Europe for to last fifteen years having become a member ct the Asy lam's Board at the request of to Government The board tos boon quietly making lie anangmente for foaling with chol we should it mantteet iteelf In the metropolis and la tn a poritlon to take hold PAWNING A PAIR OP TB0U8RB8 OR MEDICKNB to Hyde Park Any soldier would hav told them tot an army oerpe 30 000 rimg march tag on a stogto road baa a length cd fourtaea mUoe and requtnc more than torn boon to pma a given pctoL The caloulattcn wan that frmn 80000 to lOCOOO pmaom would take part in to proeonrion It waa an aboolate tainty that to Umeonghfana where apectatori were gathered fafomemmnea and toaaarcL ing cotamn would have to maha good tta way along a lam ptentog torn mamm totarn Hem and dolaye would occur It wand priori an abaotate certainty tot to tefl oC the cotaatn could not reach to platform to tee perk in time to take part to to praeoedUva there Kotthatttaaatterodtaagvaaralaeae Ibero waa todaedamero impnurivo afleri to to apectaale ot to oteafiy atimm of pew eemioniata flowing tato to park long attar to meetiDgB to which toy were to have par tietpated bad bean brought toaoemtata The cedar maintained everywbmw vw moat beantifuL the dmaanour et to peomadon toflnamedI had aimed mid infantai the rcugha tot fringed it all along tta cocne I anv "eglyruabae" hoard am of aeaerfi One language The Prince md riaoem of Waloaaitttogat to wtodowe of Lord Car rington' drawing room to Whitehall were toned with tofrankta and mart eftarive loyalty There vne mud on to wood pavement fiaeeo The vegulatoie of to ptoometan dM mt know to ratoente of tote buetnew They allowed three boon toe COB1TKB GBOBOhAin HUNTEK STBKm aMe STDSn Covtey la a pinta aanrible man of fifty who baa never dona anything and never haa aopteod er boon ozpeoted to do anything Hie younger bi other (Monel ralcrtek Welleatey ia indeed a man of brilliant parte who if hie etrength of character Tn Tidy Horawm The carafaL tidy homevifo when giving her boom ite aprtag dtadng ehouid bear in mind tot to dear Inmate! are more peootouc than bonaea thete ayeteme need deanotag by purifying to blood ragulatteg to atomach and bovete and abe ahould know tot there la nothing tot wffl do it ao auniyaaHop Bitteretha pureat and beat of all modlcinoe ImA ter 213G1U23Q 7 That eminent lawyer and not lam eminent man tf tetter Mr Junto Taltaurd died actually in court The tHmeroua Monde and admteen of Mr tattoo WUliama would have vtebedforhimtoaame fate in preference to that which aotoally befoi Mm Ho had cm vice and it waa In to purtat ct that with to dinth otoanoo hanging over Ma from heart dlaeaoo in cnee of QTcitament that become by hie end to that Nottingham houeo whama from amid a tarmoil nt aoarod woman they carried Mm to lodging If tore cm be raid to have bean anything well in ao ill an eplaode It waa well that he had about tarn to meana of tdaeficatton One rimftar ending I can remember whea ouch maanowerefottocaalng The late Sir Henry Stork once Governor of Malta and to whooo hanfla were committed to detaila of tot mao aura of ara reform which comprehended to Intrvdnoticn of abort eervfee died with appalling raddeumm In a home la Pimlico fata which be had casually found Ma way He waa not known Mr could ha baidmrtified and to body waa removed to to pariah deod bouae where it lay for come time until Identified by the decoeaed offiaer'i aUtade camp vbo to dov the Governor of Teamanla Mr Juatioe WUliama deeervedly atood high with hie ownprofemice andhehadalagiaaof devoted pereonal friaodi Hi manner waa ao aboutately free from pompori or cotento tion that In to eyeo of eld faahloned pre judice he eearoely maintained to dignity of to Bauch Lord Cowley who may be called to lari of to hereditary ambnmodon died teat week at the age of 80 He wan a ihrewd keenmlghted cool headed man who with to exception of one fata! pat tar which he we oternly wigged by ralmerwton eteered a diacreet course through complex and troubled watere aa our Mtatotar at Peril almoat throughout to lifetime cf to Seoond Empire He ro tirod ia 1867 it eoUapeed In 1870 Lord Cowley doubt owed a good deal to to foot tot ba wm to eon of Ma father That father wua the ymageet of throe brother! who were to oona of a not particularly eminent er much reepcctid Iriah nobleman to firrt Lord Morningtou The eldmt of to throe teuton had a teiUiant reign at Viceroy of India returned home to take a landtag part ia borne poilto and died Marquis of Welleafoy The aoooud found hie way to India while hi brother was in power tore waa eeot by him to wage war agalart TTppoo and to Mabnttaa won to bottle of Asmye fought and conquered for aix long yean In to Pantaoula vanqutehed Mapoleon aWataelooaMiefbralaag life of eminent naefalnma to hla country wm buried In St Cathedral amidst to taan of to nation inKcvember18S2 Henry to youngeat of to trio wont to India with to eldaet brother aa hi private aecrctary and later onteredto tanka of diplomacy He wm Mtatotar teom England with to Spanlah Cortes when his mnstriOM teotb wee slowly bat sorely driving Sauli and Mmmm before him acrom to Pymeaa and be wm ratted to to pomho Lord Cowley to 1828 when ourambasrodor at Vienna whor* be aorved many years Thereto little in to Matmy of toWeilariey fomDy to support Douglas theory of hsredttaiyattribatoa None cf to Wertsyo or OoSeye of previous generations wore people cd any mark Ganat Wsalsy to father of to three famous brother had a tattnitar ata compuaitiou playing on to organ and political tateigM noon gifts of eteaptoml character Nor ore tore dr seondanta of to brotherhood likely to emu late to ancestral fame The marqnimte of WdWay to axttneL md to earldom of So ntogtou merged in to Wellington peerage The premnt Dube of WoDtagten to a hsratiem old man quite dootitato of toeae to bote to to dukedom to OoIomI Henry Wellesley of to Grenadier Guards eon of Lord Chsrlse to reread eon cf tbs gvsot Duka Lord Dargan who now succeeds hi fetor Bari By Abchixald Bonus London July 25 188L Ixvd Salisbury may raw about tlon by and Maeara Chaplta and lawthar may show their animas by oom plaining that pcoeeericn compelled tom to reach the House of Commons by making use of tha subway under Bridgw street bat no carptag can detract from to significance of to mighty domonstaatte that vu in quiet bat virtual oocupotion London for throe hours on Monday after noon It wm sombre and miepisiloneona say to detrectora That simply is to coup a'at eelf respect and srif rreteatat aeon through distorting spectates I do not think I have any prejudiOM on to subject one way at another I have learnt tn know how fallarioas ta th way of argument a great crowd may be and I believe I cun itorimli Mte between strong determined convtetion and the mere frothy aenttment of to moment I carefully watebed an the aymp tome presented by to great proceerion which far co many boon defiled in quirt crforil cm through PaU Mall and to imprmsicn left on my mdnd wm a mure dly tot those men know what toy wanted were laboring nndsr a deep eenta of raoponaibOtty andm resolutely bat tmperwtaiy detamlned to have what they wanted As a great mam UDU8 WILL BE REPAID CIINC IT A TBIAL 177al3fl8xl80 SM It has inttamted to tha local authorities of every pariah in Loudon that it hot ao planed the local centre at which cholera case are to be dealt with aunmarily that one cf these i within a mile at the ft td every spot within the Bill of natality AmbulauoM are ready for the conveyance patients to these not by combroM bone ambulances but light hand ambulances on too wheels whldi can ho taken up alleys and into the nerve west alaaw It ia calculated that patlente will be under treatment in the local centre within haitf an hoar after the intimation of the cam has been given there As aeon the patient ia in a condition to be moved as to remit of to prompt treatment at the local centre ho will be forthwith removed to the more permanent hospital whteh will be organised under canvae ta sequestered places in the auburte Of the ability of the board to foal with an outbreak of cholera no matter bow severe rome idea may bo gained by a brief descrip tion of ite erganimtion for foaling with th epidemic which although on tfo darftaa fo (till ragtag ta London Thanks to the great efficiency of the method punned by the board there has been no penieand indeed it would bo new to London to inform it cf thia epidemic yet It baa been er coed ingly virulent and ta ao late ae the week rading the 5th inL 771 eases wore dealt with the ambulance waggons working In the eer visa of the board I mot Mr Barrington Kasuwtt at dinner last night and ho gave me some detail which 1 cannot help thinking moat be of interest There are three ambulance stationa ta London situated reapectively ta tha east west and south east ta which are kept horses and waggons ready for immediate use These are ta telephonic oommunkation with the central station ta to Strand to which during the day information arito freah oaere ia mob At night and on Bunday spplicationforanambolanoe carriage to made direct to the nearest ambulance station At the smallpox there era dx hoepitala within the Bills of the ambulance having depceited its patient ia dlttafected there before returning to the ambnlMceatetion Theeeecnvoyanemaroof to best approved pottarna lined with polished wood or sine and contrived that tbe vratile tion fo not ddowoyo bat upward to minimise the danger of apreadiog infection when the waggons are passing delayed to crowded toronghfarea The evil cf cw oontretlng any conaideroble number of in fected cases to London hospitals have been fully recognised and therefore patient are evMuwted from them ta datadhments aa soon they can be moved and carried to to floating oe camp hospital Tbe floating hospital to situated In a bend of the Thames about nineteen aaUee below London Bridge and tbe convalescent camp come four mile south of to flouting hoepitaL Bo the Uttar patient are new taken direct from tbeir home In preferraee to being flnt sent into London hospital and this practice ia on totacnaee But you may ask bow are pailanta to bo emfaarked and conveyed thither without the danger of spreading infection Precaution so far to street conveyance i concerned are found ta tbe ambulance waggons of which there are thirty eight bunt on the noet approved construction or to voyage tore or special ambalanoe steamers care fully adapted for to conveyance of infected pomengefo and safety ta embarkation has been studied by to purchase on tbe part of to board of wharves at which no other traffic to permitted and whose pie which are covered io project co that tbe aaabalaneo steair ar can run alongside at all stages of to tide rom towaraona on these private jetttee patients are carried on tbeir stretcher tato to eobtaa of to steamers where they can bo treated ao Ilina hospital Adoctcrand nunee are on board ewy trip and food and medlctaea ar ta teadtaee for all contin geoefoa Tbe floating hospital constat of to old three decker Allee which acoommodstee 150 patients the Castalia a twin ehipt originally designed to abolish aea sloknem on the Channel paamge ta which laudable enter prim abe proved a falllire and to Endymion anbldfrigstewhlchtauaedMandoataistntion ship The deck hospital of to Castalia have been called family of on her long broad upperdeck diagonally oe ta ecAton are five wooden shed 50 feet by 25 feet ooeh of which forma a ward and to tower deck ia divided into fire wards TbeCaetslia fo foaigDed to aocoomodate 150 patlrata bat could take 200 on an emergency The object of tim eohfton eyitam to ta secure as much open space pceaible ta front ct tbe windows tathe loti gride of toward and thus obtain to aaaximum amount of uro ventilation When to patients ta tbe floating hoapltal are convalescent they are carried ta to steamme to to wharf oppo site Putfleet and are conveyed ta the ambu lance to to convalescent camps pitched ta the slopes of the Darentb hills The sleeping tents ar pitched in double rows 50 foot apart and withan interval of 80 test between oto row Each sleeping tent accommodates 20 potianta and there are day tent eup piled with table newspapers The sani tary anangeaaenta are perfect gM to used fw lighting and cooking and to tent are warmed when neoaamry by a system of hot water pipes Just now there are over 900 pottocta in to eamp but not toegago MmanyM 1200 were under treat ment tore On befog pronounced recovered to 'patient la thoroughly dlatafected coo Also URNISHING AND GRKERAL IRONXONGERTp eociBf Wire Galruimd Irau'Chliifa GIass Barthaaware aOGBEBOLD URHITUMt or WHICH WB HAVE A LABGB AND VARIED STOCK TO BBLBOT PROM ar rxuunn ixx xrjsry VMau axiiiun station and to camp oomplaia bitteoly tot haa goo state That would not matter mto to moettoc woe cf real atrvioe ta stimulating aa improvement ta tha shooting of our great army ct volunteer quarter of a million atrong But tbe truth it bow rU boA nDlvtmUx bkdon to of hardly any practical utility ta thia direction The great maos of oar volunteers ere content ta gain to conventional Meffi ch to earn to capitation grant by filing efl tbeir sixty round ct hall ammuni tion at to short range careleae whether they hit or nrim eo long they shoot away to prescribed amount of ammunition ataee nothing more than this I required at tom The that mean to email proportion of volmteera whom a natural aptitude for shooting stimulate to persevere with practice stows profiatency brings priw come up to Wimbledon and fight the battle for cope and eovereigiir under eendi tiona aa opposite possible to three of actual warfare They ar etudtou to keep their Mrvv ta good order toy have all aorta of subtle appttsncee fee gauging wind pressure they have their distance prescribed to them and toy can dwvD on tbeir aim long toy please A gentleman named Mnlfons disgusted by the Majaba Hill flaaeo insti tuted a eoMpetttton ta which teams ct mark men ahould do tbeir shooting ia some such fasHcn would be neoemery ta to actol field the dlstanoee being undefined and th team to double for a few hundred yard be tween the firing pointe white the targets ahould be ecneiicutad by figures ta motion Th ahootiog thia year ta thia competition wm beneath contempt although among to com petitors were noted shots toottagia prac tised according to tbe Wimbledon method Tbeuapeaetical character of that method hre beenforcfbly impugned in an able letter written to to PcU AfoU Geectte by a South Austra lian volunteer officer who roundly den on ms WimMedon a worse ton wrl The Prince ef WaWegardra party at Marlborough Hoose this afternoon to to vlitual dree of a London aaaeou which fhM been one of to most sombre on record The ehadow of to death of to Duke of Albany has east a gloom over it from which there baa been eoaroely a show cf recovery The Qucra's refuse! to sanction drawing rooms has retarded to dsterf of many young ladies and has eorioualy injured a great many brooshm cf tead But tor have been bright giaaam through to dulneae and one of those was afforded by the brilliant sueaae of to hoepltato fete at th Health Exhflri tion ou to evoatag of Wednesday The CMC wm a spectacle of faiiy like beauty every fountain sparkling with a hundred vattegoted hues and the radiance rf to rlectricHght denting onto hrtlteat throngs fringed by banks of roam and orchids Ton thousand guesto witnessed to program through tbe exhibition of to procession at to bred cf which were to Prince and Prtoeemof Wales Mr Juatioe Williams to to second judge are sorry far th foreeonaflabto ettttofo lake which Lead Salfobary has fereed hto party The torae of to straggle toy cannot but discerntonotto Cato of to ranchfoe BilL An agltatian for which to Badtaal party wm ripe bee begun and will be fought eat for tbe withdrawal from to pears of toir power to stand in tbe path cf to people Harvest time over Bagtaod will be given over to political egttatiora 1 heard a cynic remark yesterday that to cholera weald be a godsend co to House of Lords Not very long ago to Wimbledon mooting wm one of to faatureo of to Loudon Mason Thete were garden partirn on to lawns of to cottages under to windmill and around tbe campfires ta to Gian Albyn hollow great ladies reclined on rage or lounged on camp chairs and listened to to dittim sung by moofoal votanteen Now to fashion ha changed and to cabdrivers who DOBBIE Gawler Place Adelaide 2489wec CELEBRATED OLD TOMJ GIN Awarded the Gold Medal Calcutta Exhibition 18S4 To be had of all Wioe Merchant in the Colony PATako note that the capsales hare Booth signature on side as weu aa on top BEDCLIK CROWN GALVANIZED IRONCOMPY BRISTOL wav MB Awarded COLB and BBONZB MEBAL8 at tfoe Amsterdam International Ixklbition Per tbe Seperiee QasUty of th Crown" Galvanized Iron goes iu for whofomto spoliation of tbe rich for to sake cf to poor whe advocate an equal distribution cf propnty whether man ba btutaa or haa not who set at nought all tore diattaiotfouata society which result from birth from talent from education and from industry who fo a thorough oemwmirt ta bis to net worth wasting ttsae over The proper place for his back to behind the You bring a terrible threefold ebarge against Mr George and if yoa thtak he is sari heretic yoa ought at all create to knew what he says You will not find om single eentecoe ta eitor of his book which will substantiate any one of your three eborgae Whether be be right or wrong he ought not to be mterv presented He is net a Cam muefot He does tot go fa for an equal dia tributicn cf property He dose not dray to every eu the advantages of any superior ability or oaphal ti st he peeresses Ha says just tbe opposite of on be doe what 1 just ae bad He wants to take from ue our land and ta my opinion laud ia capital and to only safe investment tato which a man eau put his capital You know tot well enough ta your ImmA IdWbd Ia bound Ao rise ta a young and growing community like thia and it to to only thing that is certain to have a value greskter and greateryeer by year Wheat and copper and silver and stock may be affected by to wants and may rise or fall but land cannot ran away it to limited ta quantity and mnrt advanon If George were to rule our politics we capitalists would have to go forth and find fresh fields and pasture new A nice mom would our Treasurer be ta for our power of borrowing In to European markrte would be atan end and our creditors would become clamorous far tbeir principal aa well a their interest The thing would seen however work ite own cure When onr bonds bee fee dne it would be tmpoeribl for to renew titaa and we should have to cell to land to get money to meet them Under such politics national debts would become an impreelbility and I abould like to know what England would hare done if abe had Mt bed to power of borrowing She would hare been treaaplod down to insignificant oaoreg to nations of Europe Md hareapttaUato havtagno ocneoto to give aacurity to tbeir tavestaeento would have curried tbeir money to other parte of the It wm impcmiblo to attempt to discuss all them potato with onr frfond to legislator eo we modestly asked him if he would do to favor to bo just to blmmlf by making hlmselfgecquatoted with to argu asanto cf Ns opponents As for ouirebm" we sold com to to conclusion tot to nntfcnalfoatton cf land ought to bo Included within to rung ct practical politic We do not maun by toitoaaytot we radons any ct to stomes by which this end is sought The dlffiraltire on an sides are very great 0 great indeed tot no man ought hastily to make up hto orind on to question re when be has mad up hto mind to etiSsn himself against any change of position but enough can be said in its fav to give it a right to a plaae ta to arena of debate" Well all I can say Is that you are very stupid (exeoae strong hagnage) to go right against your own He left us and we were told aftrewards by a custom ta one of our book shops tot about A on a cretain afternoon this aforesaid £well known gentleman waa seen to enter to shop and with an etiort tot seemed likely to prove serious and was sym tomatir of apoplexy to address to assistoat Do yon happen to have on your shelves a copy of a book by a certain American Georgefl thtak to hianaiM which perhaps you have beard about? Ob now I remember to book to called Program and Have you got He was seen to emerge with small parcel ccntefafa*g to book and also one called Social whteh to aetietont had told him wo a com panics volume ESTEY" aunicaN oooawa Luap thb woblb Recent Trials IREPROO 8AES SAVWtY PRB8BW THXIB CONTKVTS IN THB nre Mi Dunes Hah Mooeta Ncvcnbcs 1BS1 Ptes al Burra ferard OSc Isaesry Uti Ptre Mims Bartos Oodd'c Ccbar NBW Jsraary 1881 Pb at Mi tmd BiMley steect Match 188 PM at Maras Wsboter A C1 Stag WIUtemstNrt Msrt 188S Rr st Mr Post Uacote Jslj JHBBv TeMnoaUte aad Rtan npptalfca A SIMPSON A SON PAnNTEM Aim SOU MAKERS OP TH! gpgLAIDB PATENT nBEPRQCP 8APE8 AND DOORS CAWUULLACK Impoctira tavtted A KAUMANN A BON nBBTBKSs OreeMl steMt ere salts A toysns fi 8crt asSOMANSt RnlKLT KOMEBU8M qi iwrt foM jwraspU imJwil rad MraA UM of BtaticM er Bal Mere sM MedOeMfo aad Stoep not MCpptotiom carried home if uecmeary ta an ambulance AD this is an Imaaanre improvement on to old eyrtcoa or rather no system Mr Kemwtt taH meet a earn where under to purochtot regime to vehicle need for in foetfou dtoeares was kept ta a abed ta the workhouse grounds alongeifo of to pariah funeral carriage a van for the removal of th Ordinary risk poor the van for to daily carrying out of bread to out door poor and a carriage reed by to guardtone tor visittag the different wards of tbe parish As other instances be died where to ambulMM wag gon wm used a aa invalid chair for ordinary sick people while in another care the driver employed to convoy infectious case oenteesed to taking people out to evenfog parties and Other eutortatomrate without so mush a taking ths trouble to change hla clothe And ta to bed old day it wm a common thing for smallpox patients to be brought to to hospital ta four wheeled cab along with cargo cf sympathising relative IS THE BEST OB HAND MACHINE SEWING ENGLISH PRICES COME AMD INSPECT BOOM PUEOHASIMG ElriEWHKBE mother ta reoring her fmD cf little children Btaa howuses1 to fitiJ feitow broke down in bealtb but to nestotias of to family eeemod to require IL and he con tinued to tod in to miaea suffsefa*g all to to from to effects of Indigestion an WR INTEND OEBING UUB STOCK AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS AND ITTINGS DURING SHOW VBK The strictest reaminer may try every test of touch sight without discovering that these are other nnna Velvets which the? so closely resem 1 11 Akra aomfloarrtonlt Atfllfink tn thdb IMCj WAAdAO MAV ra vrarara asra ra ora raw XASt wOTCu pue CDWlV LAAUIAA BhraAAtJ AAacAAAAAfaW rarara klek min twl vaIvmHr mfr r' ranca ILH1WM US rasa ra TTzw rfremfleeiii si revest fanr nma UdW aavw a we Mk Ik rarararaearaliraJ met rd ire rsm foil DUnXJKB Ufi WAdUM wMB Kifet may be used we specially recommend tpe LUU'O a fcfaiv Every yard of genuine bean we oapic oi iui mw nsn nom ou Drapers throughout the Colonies most at whom wiu send patterns MWT rux OB application aaambered Be had simply to Bv ea wttont noremlttinghimralf ant long before now he would have been both a general effioer and a mtaistee But daring aa interval ct leave at hams his headstrong icily conquered hla common coms There were circ*mstances which rendered ex ceptionally dfocredttobie to relations be entered upon with a beautiful and well known actress Good name position honor mar ried happtaam he threw behind him with a rechleeMem that would almost have deserved to be called splendid hut for to ignoble element that dashed the recktemnees Whet a to bo the paramour of an actress and to at a fashfouble dub where bo is bullied for tbe bainesa of th dinner and grumbled at when the floor hi not been sufficiently waxed I think I sent you come particulars of the inner history connected with the suit whicu Indy Quite Campbell was compelled to Institute against her husband tor a jadiotel erparation and ta which Sir James Honueu found in bar ladyship's favor The cate wm fried to reams ta tbe taterasta cf public decency but Lord Oolio Campbell with an Insolence which tarprieed these conversant with the facte wrote to the newspapers bewailing his misfortune ta having to submit to imputations on fate character which would have beau wholly dlsaipeted but for to fact that the proceedings had been of necessity unreported He demanded a new trial using ta hla favor the extraordinary argument that Lady Colin had ooiy instituted tbe action after serfon disputes had arisen between hccmif and her husband ta regard to other pbaeee of tbeir conjugal releUona It was true that there had been such disputes They erose out of to fact that Lord Colin and Ms friends thought proper to charge Indy Delta with mieocudnet ta order Intimidate her into living with her hnebend ta the face of tbe condition cf hie health ths' rendered him repulsive and unwholesome She bad borne much to wm prepared to bear omto to eave ecanctol and to had coo tented to preeervs amicable relations with her husband if he would content himself with those But when to story was tadnstrioualy put about tot he intended to take to loitie tire and begin a divorce salt agsdnet her with rome half desen co respondents thm was no other courae open to her than to sue for a judicial separation on to ground of cnxehy of a epactal and atrocious character a coarse of action that ta effect dared her husband to bring forward any countenacetieation he might ventare on No such acouatiou did he bring forward indeed before to trial ho expnaaly direvowed eny foundation for each but now tn hto keeanem far a new trial be revived to tarinuatton without adventuring on tbe accusations Sir Janes Hannon vetoed to new trial and Lord Coltn denied to caee to the Court of Ap peal and he had so uttei a dttregerd far self respect as to oppose tbe hearing of the appeal ia cawra Mew wm tore a mors atrocious heartless and Indecent attempt made to intimidate a poor lady struggling for to vindication of her good name and for an eaeope from a situation cl tatoterabto horror The Lords Justice of Appeal have thwarted Lord Colin Campbell ta hl effort to eavap from discredit at hla poor expesme He haa taafoted on washing to public hi foexpremibly foul Itasn and has gained nothing but aa added obloquy by the salt expeeure The Court of Appeal refused his eppHeetfon for a new trial and Lady Colin bra her judicial separation confirmed to her tram an aHlance of to meet loathsome kind Tbe Argyll who have behaved to Lady Ccltata to meal said bleaitoil wtemsr have got a prop flea in tote ear andoonaequeu tial they are will find It difficult jauntily to live down a family scandal of this pecu liarly nasty character Tha season of ranck plays at to Gaiety Theatre now approaching tta conclusion hsa been to reverse of a encores and to long raws of emptoatalto have contrasted recara faliy with to crowded bo him of five yean ago when we wen all mad about Sarah Ban bardt and when seats were sold at a premium for Adrienne Leooavfoar and roa rou Jodie drew in th early days of to aeaeon but there wm not hamper bouse to see London debut as Lady Macbeth a eharooter of wteich to presented whst fa plain language wm a ridiculous caricature She had no ecooeptioa of to character aud people had much ado to restrain tbeir laughter what between her undignified antics and to orolMmee of tranw latten the Uterataem cf which 1 its principal featarm Th truth is that Sarah Bernhardt to going to tbe dogs I mean regards her character of tot to lady never had any But to to giving way to a vice that is already waking shipwreck of her powers aa aa actress This weakness to first began to Indulge ta during her Americen tour where the long journeys fol towed Immediately by performances are ex ersaively tryfa*g to excitable organisations It to killing work an American winter theatrical campaign and to strain of it sooner or later tells on tbe strongest oor John to meet popular tra gcdianot tofitetem is no a premature wreck a victim to softening ct to brain state wm noticed more ton once towards to end of her fl war! can tour and taher vidari tades ataee to returned she has committed herself several times ta different parte of Europe although the matter has been kept quiet Tbe other night ta Buy she wm really very bad indeed Motionless and wm to language in which to bind critic described her Her indif ference" wm simply the most obvious alcoholic etapefaction she could barely arti culate she did not dare to move to gesticulate but stood at to table like a all but holding on to it indeed When juat before to curtain falls she should have thrown herself passionately on to body ct her lover what ah did was this i She let go of the table and came down ou to stage with a plated sort of a drop and began drivelltagly to fumble with her hands about to bead of Buy Blasi It wm time to eurtofa fell cm this teavestie of au eawtioual seen Slowly but surely to ebolera is aprealfog from Ite original focus at Toulon Mareefllm la ta a state of panic and to fugitives have carried to pestilence tato to towm and villagee on the lower stopes of to Maritime Alps authorities of aris are peniet ing ta their policy of denying that three to any cholera ta Parte but to swollen death rate and private but unqueetfouable evidence coBfrudtet their wteVmeant awaraneem Dr Koch who to no doubt to greatest cholera expert alive haa cxyremad his conviction that it will spread all over Earopei That it will not cause to mortality which accompanied formre vHtotiooe may safely be isntite voted Sanitary ateenoe Industriously ap plied hM been steadily at work staoe to peetUsMO wm tort ta Europe and it will slay but ite hundreds where formerly thouMnds fell viettsaa to It London to now a comparatively cleanly elty but ta to con dition ct to Thaawa footed to river to by to sewage of to gnat populations co its banks above Lenta and by to discharge at Croawwm of to vast volume of metropolitan sewage there to an atomssrt at rrnitiiinj danger Th latter Aisiharg tt dow being deotateod at an expense cf nearly a tiwound pounds a day and this expedient mey tem porarily serve to tarn bat tore to no doubt ON BALE BY THE UNDER SIGNED Bttre teaoe I Bitaameed Ptaacs Emke Rm' Piaae I Sddadmeyer Ptaraa Rltitlmar Pteam lBcbolebs Keppim HRSsrpte WELBOURN COOPER LINDERS AND ILLES STREETS Hm invented and patented an IMPROVED DASH CHURN which fo admitted by all who have eeen ft to be a complete sucoees tar eunereedtag all other Desk Churns ever invented tough quite aiaqto Th action fo masilar to a steamboat propeller and aritetee to reeam eo thoroughly to exteuct eieey particle of butter from it In about five minntea eanatag a mvtag cf fully 10 percent The chon may be worked by a child with eaae to very dnranle and easily ctoata x2Q8d99 DR COLLIS CHLORODYNE THE ORIGINAL Ud OMLY GEHVWK ADVICB TO If you wish to cbtota qslet feheetaag sleep tree fram bsodaeb MfisS tHO pein and aageiak to cairn sad Mwsag tee weesyachiagseipvowactoddissasetevteosatetbeaer too medio sad raguloto th dmlattoe systems th tody yoa wfDjwovide yiaeM with that mar veUou remedy discovered by Dr Collis Browse (leto Hsdical staff) to which be cere tbe seme of CHWRODYNE sod which is admitted by tbe peefemfoa to be tbe awet weoderiel tad vttaebtt remedy ever dieeoraed CHLORODYNE is tbe beet remedy kaowa for Coogta Ccasempttae BmediMa Asthma CHLOROOYNE mte tike chemia Dfeirbcea aadto ths oalyseesiao ta Clmlwe oad Dyaaatery CHLORODYNE efleetoally euts short t) attacks of RpUepey Hysteria Ptipttaiiou aed ftpiras CHLORODYNE ta tbe only palliative ta Nemelgte EhmiuWtas OmS Caaosr Toothache EmI ReseeU CMuauatted to the CoUere of PhyvL taaa that be had reedved a dispatch Item Her Ntjesty's Consul at Maalila to the effect that Cbelen tod been ngtae feariaUy ad that the CULT remedy of sny service wss Be Lanett Deowab tl 18U Vfee Cbaaeelicr Mr Pas Wood stated the Dr Coflle Beowue wee sa doebtedly tbe lenator of Cbtoredyoe that the story it the defrartsn reeeaaa was daltboeataty utrae which be reeretled to say had bee swera to The Tinm itlj It UM Bold ta bolitet at la IH ta 8L ts Cd aadlla each Nou to Remtae witbost tbe weeds "Dv 3 CoDto Chlorodyoe" oa the Ooverainaat stamp Overwbetailag medical tosttaoey acoom pf Beware of Piracy sad ImltaUo Bole MaBftcturer DAVENPORT 3A Great RatoeU strett Btowufoeiy Undea KU UTT to Mete bed Weefctog through the dafaand resting beet he cnoM taan arm ebtfr dwto ostQjttlly tmdmidBl Mf canatSetta Year by year Ma health grew wcaunwBtilaAtoetrtamatta ami srf all ite fareflfal ageny One joint after matter heeem ewniien red to fltiued eetkat ha wm obtiged to rtop work In thia rad plight th now young man was erafiued to the hems for two loeg rw sedferfog att tta mortal could endure Ooe physician after another wae coiled upoo ta reat Ms complaint but aib to beLtfit for the poor follow continued to gio eoioe aud woiae Hoping to find some meso of relief a consultation of doctors was held when it woe derided that an cram to dtaeme of the heart existed ta an tomrabto term and that medical aM could net afford relirf Ha wm given up ta di These yvare of ezpenriv meitieai treatment exhausted the little mvtag cf th mother and they had no matey to bay even tbe neeemreies of Ufa But a food mother never gives up ta despair There was on spark ct hope left Bowe one had told her of of a remedy that had cured eo many cases even wheuMbopriemM this cos and th love want out for her deer boy But how to get the medicine wm ths question Tbeir matey eras entirely gone Tbe boy had anew pair cf troMeretbstbehedbeeo to ill to wear end the mother reasoned with in hereelf the boy ts to die be will not need them so I may a well pledge them tor medicine wtth an effort to save Ms 8trDge as it may appear tbe bottles of modi cinrsprocured at tbe shop ta Pouty I with the meuey obtained from Ch pawn fc effected a cure ta thia hopelem caee aad been pronounced incurable Bat it is only Just to that if the cbemist had known of tbe wants of the family tbe medicine ooald have bean obtained without visit to the pawnbroker It to now nearly two years smee this took piece and young Jama rances Thomre bM been wcrinog to the coal pit underground ever rince earning extra pay for over work which be to able to perfcres Of course he never had organic diseoM of tbe heart wm supposed Tbe palpitation rheumatism and asthma were mete symptoms of the real disease which was dyspepsia or indigestion for which tbt remedy wee specially adapted Those who wish to communicate with thb young man can write to him at tbe above addrees aod be will vouch for the curative uropmltee of Syrup th article that effected this almoet miraculuoua sure Tbe following letter is from a chemist who thought tbe facta should be made known rancis ThMuncf Pea tn wynydd neerPonty pool eg twenty three collier wae ill fa nine yeare unable to do any wrek for three yean nerur lay down ta bed for nine yean nad to atoepta a stoopfog posture wm treated by nearly all the doctor for mile around who gemraDy stated hto inmplainl to be rhetimatira and heart dfoeaoe cf a chronic nature and beyond all power to cure When hope bad nearly died out he wee persuaded to try Syrup and to th oeUght of hie rslativee and aetneilahment cf his neighbors after taking half a bottle be could lie down in bed After taking one bottle he wsst to work Has bow taken two bottle and on wtth the third end to quite well and strong Hla mother to ta raptures and can talk of nothing else bat this marvellous euro and wishes mo to make it known Syrup to sold by aD Chemists and Medicine Vendors and by the proprietors A White (Limited London England or the Wholesale Agento 15th August 1883 Daur I write to ted you that Mr Henry Hillier of Yata lurry wilb taftrnm me that he suffered from a oercre form of indlgation for upward of four year and took no end of medictoe without th slighteet benefit end declares Mother Selgel'e By tup which he got from me haa saved To Mr White? NEBh Chemist Caine Operating Pills are the bert haelly pbysfothetbM ever been discovered They cleanse the bowels from all irritating sub stsDcee and leave them ta healthy con dition They cure oosti venem St Marywtrert Peterborough Novemba 29 1881 It gives me great pleauar to inform you of the benefit I have received from Syrup I have been troubled for yeare with dyspepsia but after a few dcase at the Syrap I found reUef and after taking two bottiee of it I fori quite cured I am Ar yoare truly To Mr A White William Brxny XlAfli3 miters are tbe Purest nest milers Ever Made They are compounded from Hope Matt Bofin Mud rake end th oldest beet and mast valuable medlctaee ta tbe world and contain an the beet end meet curative properties of all other remedies being tbe Miitart Blood Purifier Liver Regulator and We and Health Restoring Agent on earth No disease or ill health can possibly long exist where fa see Bitter ere used eo varied and perfect ar tbeir operations Tiwy give new life and vigor totbeaged and Infirm To all whose employments mom Irregularity of tbe bowels or ortaory omua or who require aa Appetiser Tonic andmlla Stimulant Hop Bitter are Invaluable being highly enntira totde nod stimalatinfa with out IntoxleutiDg No matter wbet your feelings or symptoms are what the discern or ailment to use Hop Bitters wait until you are sick but ft you only feel bad or seleerabiu me Hop Bitter at one Itmay sarayour Life Hun dreds bare been mved by so doing £500 will be paid for a case they will not cure or help Do not ruffee or let poor friends suffsr bat ase and urge them to us Hop Bitten Remember Hop Bitten to no vile urged drunken nostrum bat the Purest end Best Medicine ever made tha Invalid riend and and no person or family should be without farm Try the Bitten today Get at Chemists or Druggists 238 9871x247 64 he VELVETEEN GRIITHS WEAVER eSNERAI STOCK AND STATION COCOA ESSENCE AND SOLUBLE CHOCOLATE IuOKXOlSr JTay be obtained tt Labelled Tint or Packets thronghaat tie Colony 259 CHADWIO I COTTON I 'a I I sad It nsvm gate etarisefae BAIaUT StatoHeM or '3 rt 7 ur a 1 DOBBIE'S WONDERUL LIGHT RUNNING IS THE KING ALL SEWING MACHINES OR SIMPLICITY SILENCE LIGHTNESS AND GENERAL USEULNESS.

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