Flying Horse: Taking care of the earth (2024)

Each week, “Flying Horse” features dozens of Central Illinois children’s thoughts and drawings on various topics. This week:Taking care of the earth

More to it: My idea of taking care of the earth is throwing things away in the garbage and not littering. I think there is a lot more to talk about with how to take care of the earth.

Skye Holderby

Grade 5, Calvary

A few things: Some things you can do to take care of the earth are clean up the trash from the beaches and the oceans. Turn off lights and electricity when you are not using them. Take care of the plants and animals.

Jesse Sánchez

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

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Stop littering:Make sure not to litter. It is bad for the environment. Everywhere I go there is always litter. We need to stop people from littering.

Ellie Wurth

Grade 2, Corpus Christi

Earth Day: For Earth Day I will clean the beach because we get to swim after we get it clean. I like swimming because it is fun.

Grace Lawrence

Grade 1, Epiphany

Clean the earth: I like to clean the earth, so we should always help care for it because we want to live clean, so help the earth. I want to also make a new sign about what the earth looks like, so more people care.

Caden Beymer

Grade 3, Epiphany

Important: Taking care of the earth is important. I can pick up my trash and not litter. People can stop throwing trash into the oceans. We need to stop pollution.

Noah Diaz

Grade 4, Fairview

Help the earth: I can help the earth. I can not litter. I can also help animals. I can also not throw things. I can also pick up trash.

Tinleigh Compton

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Three things: I can do three things to help the earth. I will recycle. When I brush my teeth I will turn off the water. When I leave the room I need to turn off the lights.

Teja Yachamaneni

Grade 3, Northpoint

Many ways: There are so many ways to help the earth. I need to turn off the water when I brush my teeth every day. I will turn off the lights when I leave the room.

Ali Bouzouma

Grade 5, Northpoint

Clean up: There are many ways to take care of the earth. We can water our plants but don’t put too much water in the plant. Don’t litter. Littering is bad. Don’t use plastic bags. Make sure you clean up after yourself. Clean up the garbage. Take care of animals like pets and zoo animals.

Ky Williams

Grade 2, Oakland

A holiday: Earth Day is a holiday where we grow life, like planting plants. Pick up trash for the earth’s surface. We should take care of animals and pets. We should recycle things like glass and plastic.

Sterling Schlabs

Grade 2, Parkside

What you can do: You can pick up any trash and if you see anyone littering, tell those people what they are doing to the earth and to not do it again. You can try and limit the amount of water that you use. Keep in mind that you are not the only person in this world who needs water. Finally, do enjoy.

Claire Woods

Grade 3, Prairieland

Protect earth: Plastic helps humans, but it hurts nature. There are so many ways to protect earth and its nature from this, and one way is using fewer plastic bottles and cups. It’s OK to use plastic; just remember to recycle and use only as much as you need. You also can use a reusable cup or bottle.

Ayden Delagrande

Grade 5, Prairieland

Must take care of it: We have to take care of the earth. The ocean can get dirty, and we will get sick. The animals and buildings will be gone.

Maximus Rojas-Rivera

Grade 4, St. Mary’s

Be kind to earth: I pick my trash up. I pick my friend’s trash up. I pick my mom’s trash up. I love my earth so much. Also, be kind to your earth. Love your Earth Day in April.

Jamaria Hatchen

Grade 3, Sheridan

Earth is amazing: Our earth is amazing and filled with wonder. Water covers two-thirds of the earth. The rest is land. Amphibians, reptiles, mammals, fish, birds, insects, and arachnids all live on earth.

Brissa Arreola

Grade 2, Stevenson

Gives us life: Taking care of the earth is how there’s trees, oxygen, and life.

Kattie Langston

Grade 3, Stevenson

Pick up trash: How I take care of the earth is picking up trash. Trash makes a bad environment for the earth and the animals. If the animals eat the trash, they will get sick and maybe die. This is one way that you can keep the earth clean.

Micah Brill

Grade 5, Calvary

Turn off water: To save the earth please turn off the water while you brush your teeth and don’t throw trash.

Regina Ceballos

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Take care of the world: You should take care of the world because it’s easy to do. My brother’s birthday is on Earth Day. It’s good for the environment.

Charles Slotky

Grade 2, Corpus Christi

Don't litter: I will help the earth by picking up trash. If you don’t pick up trash, it’s called littering. Also, it is bad for the earth and animals. That’s why you should not litter – it is so bad.

Ellie Truttmann

Grade 1, Epiphany

April 22: Earth Day is important. It is celebrated on April 22. If you don’t throw away garbage it might fly in the ocean, then kill a turtle. Trash can kill the earth if you don’t recycle.

Anthony Brillman

Grade 3, Epiphany

Reuse and recycle: You can take care of the earth by reusing plastic bottles and plastic straws, and recycling bags and trash, and showing you care about the world.

Andrea Oliney

Grade 4, Fairview

Care for animals: Keep animals safe and clean up garbage. Don’t cut trees down. Turn off the lights when you’re done. Plant trees. Use reusable water bottles.

Khloe Buffett

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

What to do: We need to throw away trash. We need to recycle. We need to stop cutting the trees.

Mason Moore

Grade 5, Northpoint

Taking care of the earth: There are many different ways that people can take care of the earth. Some ways I can take care of the earth is by creating organizations to try to stop factories from polluting. Also I can put up signs around town that say ‘Don’t Litter!’ or something like ‘Stop Pollution!’

Indy Duncan

Grade 2, Oakland

Be good to earth: Earth Day is about being good to the earth. Pick up trash so people don’t step on the trash. Protect animals so they can stay alive. Recycle cans, glass, plastic and paper.

Brielle Villafuerte

Grade 2, Parkside

The Three R's: Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! We humans have been harming animals because of our poor choices. Stop littering. It is not good for the environment. Animals are slowly dying and trash is getting into our oceans. It's time to stop.

Aiden Klix

Grade 5, Prairieland

Earth can be clean: If you pick up trash and stuff the earth will be so clean.

Gray Holzhauer

Grade 4, St. Mary’s

Nothing without it: Some people do not care about the earth, but some people love the earth. If earth was not here, we would not be here. So, we all can help by getting all of the trash. Happy earth day! We love you, earth!

Olaniyi Agboola

Grade 3, Sheridan

Love the earth: I love the earth. It is so good. I love bees. I love birds.

Joslyn Smith

Grade 2, Stevenson

Stop wasting: Picking up trash, recycling, and planting trees. Don’t waste water bottles. Water the plants.

Zoe Grill

Grade 3, Stevenson

Limit plastic: For taking care of the earth, we should limit plastic.

Josey Baird

Grade 5, Calvary

Save the earth: Earth Day is coming up and you should start saving the earth, so it doesn’t die. The only other way the earth can die is the sun exploding, but that won’t happen until like 4 billion years, so we’re fine.

Malcolm Hinshaw

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Keep trash out of the sea: One way to take care of the earth is to pick up trash. Another way is to try and keep trash out of the ocean, so fish are safe.

Addy Baran

Grade 2, Corpus Christi

Likes earth: I like Earth Day because you take care of the earth. I like Earth Day because I like picking trash up. I like Earth Day because I like the earth.

Beatrice Kostelnick

Grade 1, Epiphany

Good for the planet: Taking care of the earth is good for the planet. I love the earth. It is so fun to clean up the earth.

Amelia Grossmann

Grade 3, Epiphany

Throw away trash: I throw away my trash instead of leaving it there. When I get tired of drinking out of a water bottle, I dump the water on the grass. I recycle cans.

Gabby Gardener

Grade 4, Fairview

Loves earth clean: I love it when the earth is clean. Clean up garbage. Make sure you plant plants and water them. Use reusable water bottles and walk or bike when possible. Keep the animals safe and keep the ocean clean. Turn off the lights and the water.

Shawn Turley

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

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Flying Horse: Taking care of the earth (2024)


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