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The Marvel Strike Force Hive-Mind Team is beastly in Incursion Raids with a roster that features Carnage, Gwenom, Red Goblin, Venom, and Void Knight. This Marvel Strike Force Guide equips you with everything Hive-Mind Team mastery requires from uncovering farming methods for each character to how to counter them and more.

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Is the Hive-Mind Team Good?

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The Hive-Mind Team is specifically designed for Raids, being particularly good for the Bio Nodes in Incursion Raids. They excel at applying Bleed on enemies, triggering passives, and boosting survivability and damage. Additionally, Gwenom and Red Goblin can clear negative effects from allies while applying debuffs to enemies simultaneously, further enhancing control.

The defensive abilities of this team are also excellent. Red Goblin provides Taunt and Deflect to protect the team, reviving a fallen ally if necessary. Gwenom’s Passive grants Evade and heals the team when members fall below 50% Health. This way it is easier to survive the numerous enemies in Raids.

The Hive-Mind Team also possesses excellent ability energy management with Void Knight’s abilities generating Ability Energy for the entire team with Gwenom’s basic also doing this during Raids. While they excel in Raids, they can also hold their own in War and Crucible, particularly against summon-heavy teams. Taking down these weaker enemies triggers valuable Hive-Mind passives, like Carnage’s Speed Bar increase and healing.

ISO-8 Class and T4 Priority

To truly dominate with your Hive-Mind Team, consider these optimal ISO-8 Classes and T4 Ability upgrades. They’ll unlock your characters’ full potential and maximize their synergy in battle. Let’s delve into the best options for each hero:


Skirmisher: This ISO-8 class increases Carnage’s Focus, making him more likely to land Bleed, a crucial debuff for Hive-Mind Team synergy. In addition, it also allows him to apply Vulnerability and remove enemy buffs reliably.

T4 Priority: Upgrading Carnage’s Passive to Tier 4 is a no-brainer. It significantly boosts the entire Hive-Mind Team’s speed.


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Striker: With the Striker ISO-8 Class, Gwenom gains extra attacks which can fuel the Hive-Mind Team’s ability energy, giving them a significant edge in battle.

T4 Priority: Her standout ability for T4 is her Passive, granting her, or another Symbiote ally, 2 Evade charges when health drops below 50%. Consider maxing her Special next, as it delivers a potent 2-turn Stun and spreads all positive effects in Raids.


Striker: With the Striker ISO-8 Class, Venom’s follow-up attacks will apply more Bleed and Heal Block to enemies, boosting his Speed Bar at the same time.

T4 Priority: For Venom, prioritize his Passive ability. This maximizes his Speed Bar gain, allowing him to take more turns and unleash his attacks more frequently. After this, consider maxing Venom’s Basic ability, as it grants more Speed Bar increases.

Red Goblin

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Raider or Striker: Red Goblin’s ability to hit multiple enemies with a single attack makes him a prime candidate for the Raider ISO-8 Class. On the other hand, Striker grants Red Goblin more Bleed and Regeneration from his basic ability making it another possible option.

T4 Priority: His standout upgrade T4 is his Special which offers a potent mix of offense and support with various effects. Red Goblin’s Ultimate is next, focusing on clearing negative effects from the team and landing them on the enemies.

Void Knight

Striker: With the Striker ISO-8 Class, Void Knight’s Follow-Up attack converts negative effects on himself into positive effects, while also inflicting negative effects on enemies.

T4 Priority: Prioritize his Passive for T4 as it grants Void Knight and all Hive-Mind allies a significant boost of Ability Energy upon entering battle. Following this, upgrade his Ultimate which will deal even more damage, and apply Ability Block for 2 turns to the primary target.

How to Get Hive-Mind Team Shards

The Hive-Mind team shards are currently available through the following methods:

  • Carnage: Heroes Hard Mode 2-3, Premium Orb, Basic Orb, Legacy II Orb, Milestone III Orb, Gama Incursion Orb, Ultimus Orb, and War Supplies.
  • Gwenom: Special Offers, Premium Orb, Basic Orb, Mega Orb, Ultimus Orb, Ultra Supplies, and Supplies.
  • Red Goblin: Special Offers, Premium Orb, Basic Orb, Mega Orb, Ultimus Orb, Ultra Supplies, and Supplies.
  • Venom: Heroes 3-9, Premium Orb, Basic Basic, Legacy II Orb, Milestone III Orb, Alpha Incursion Orb, Ultimus Orb, and Ultra Supplies.
  • Void Knight: Special Offers, Premium Orb, Basic Orb, Mega Orb, Ultimus Orb, Ultra Supplies, and Supplies.

Countering the Hive-Mind Team in Marvel Strike Force

Here are some tips and suggestions on how to counter the Hive-Mind team:

Priority: Eliminate Void Knight & Red Goblin first. Void Knight’s buff manipulation and Red Goblin’s revive capabilities pose the biggest dangers. Once they’re down, the Hive-Mind Team loses its key supports.

General Strategy: To counter the Hive-Mind team, you’ll need a strategy focused on quick removals and immunity applications. Teams that can cleanse debuffs and apply immunity, like the Hero Asgardians, can disrupt the Hive-Mind’s flow and mitigate their control tactics.

Gamma: This team leverages strong synergy and potent damage output. Hulk can soak up punishment while dealing massive AoE damage, and characters like Red Hulk and She-Hulk can inflict heavy single-target damage to take down key Hive-Mind members.

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Marvel Strike Force Hive-Mind Team Guide - One Chilled Gamer (2024)


What is the best ISO for Red Goblin? ›

Red Goblin attacks multiple enemies with all his attacks, so Raider is an excellent Iso-8 class. However, if you don't have him strong enough, a good option is to give him the Skirmisher class in order to successfully apply debuffs on opponents.

How to unlock Blitz sim? ›

When a player in the Beginner Blitz reached Level 60, they will be moved to a Veteran shard by their next Blitz and unlock the Blitz Sim feature. Players will also see some changes with the rewards and some differences with your rank as there are more competitive players in the Veteran bracket.

Is Green Goblin armor bulletproof? ›

Underneath the external portions were layers of bullet proof fiber. Spider-Man bypassed this by firing an armor piercing round followed by two teflon jacketed slugs to the same spot. Following the Green Goblin's death, his armor confiscated by the NYPD.

What ISO should I set? ›

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What is the code to unlock SIM? ›

The default SIM unlock code for T-Mobile and Sprint is 1234, while the default unlock code for Verizon and AT&T is 1111'. If you don't know the PIN, try the default code first. After you enter the code incorrectly too many times (the number varies), you'll be prompted to enter the PUK.

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DSLR + Mirrorless
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  • Aperture: F-11 to F-16. ...
  • Shutter Speed: 1/125-1/160.
  • Lens: 8mm to 100mm.

What is the ISO class for Red Hulk? ›

Hulk should be equipped with either Skirmisher (because he can retaliate often), Striker, or Healer ISO-8 Class.


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