Tilak Mehta’s Success Story: An Indian Entrepreneurial Tale (2024)

India has always come up with new & young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and creativity. It is believed that innovation doesn’t have any age limit and this has made many people show up with their unique ideas, creativity, skills and spirit to create new things and bring a change with the best solution to society to solve different regular problems.

What does it take to start a successful business? This question has been asked since time immemorial. And one man whose journey started from nothing and grew into something amazing is Tilak Mehta. Learn and inspire from his stories and experiences.

Tilak Mehta the founder and CEO of his own tech company with an annual turnover of 100 crores is a young Indian who is running a successful venture. Let's learn more about how he started and his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Tilak Mehta: Who is he?

Tilak Mehta is India’s youngest entrepreneur, a TEDx speaker, and the youngest Forbes panellist. At just 15 years old, he has already achieved a turnover of Rs 100 crore per year. He started his first business when he was just 13 years old, and he started an online platform that helps society with his idea.

He is always looking for new opportunities and willing to take risks. His most significant risk so far has been starting his own business. But it has paid off handsomely. Today Tilak is an inspiration to young people all over the country. He proves that anything is possible if you are willing to work hard and take risks.

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What inspired Tilak Mehta to start his business?

Tilak Mehta is a young Indian entrepreneur whose business is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The startup company was established in 2018 and named “paper n parcels”.

When Tilak was studying in 8th grade, he forgot some books in his uncle’s house which is far from his city. He called his father to bring his books. But, His father was busy at his office, and his father got tired of working in the office.

So, he researched Google courier companies and found that courier charges are more than the books. His father did the initial investment in his business. His father works as an investor for his new venture paper n parcels and Currently, his Uncle Ghanshyam Parekh is the CEO of his company and all the operations are managed by him.

Then he sees the Mumbai dabbawalas, a food delivery company with low courier charges. He got an idea of a tie-up with the dabbawalas, if they can deliver dabbas, then why not other things can be delivered at the same time?

He took the help of Mumbai dabbawalas, which is a low price product that delivers fast food. They also deliver the packages to their area. He started to deliver small couriers within 24 hrs to more than 1000 people at a relatively lower cost than others in the market and received a great response from the Mumbaikars.

Later he started delivering around 1200 parcels every day, and he is targeting a turnover of 100 crores in the following year. He has also launched an app for his company.

After that, they renounced more companies on board like Hindustan times, metropolis, and many more. In a very short period, the company Paper n parcels got a huge success which took them to an international level for the company in the year 2020.

Papers N Parcel: how does it work?

Papers n Parcel is an online platform that helps businesses with their shipping and logistics needs. The company offers various services to help people with their logistics needs, parcel tracking, order management, and shipping insurance.

Paper n parcel has a team of experienced professionals in shipping and logistics. The company has a strong track record of delivering quality customer service. It has a wide network of partners and suppliers that helps it to offer its customers the best possible rates for their shipping and logistics needs.

The Clients of Papers N Parcel

The client base of the company includes pathology labs, boutiques, and brokerage companies. The startup is open to entering strategic tie-ups with companies like Swiggy, Uber and Ola for courier services.

The Employees of ‘Papers n Parcel’

Papers N Parcel has over 200 workers of its own and 300 dabbawallas. The employees manage 1200 deliveries per day. The packages managed by the employees weigh up to

3 kilograms and charge Rs 40-180 depending on the parcel's weight.

“We provide the extra mile delivery apart from doing our work. Paper N Parcels help us with earning an additional income apart from our actual work.” The dabbawallas earn up to 10000 rupees by working with Paper N Parcels, A spokesperson of the Dabbawalla Association said in an interview.

The key reason behind the success of ‘Papers n Parcel’

Tilak came up with a creative business idea where instead of hiring employees on a fixed salary basis, he contracts with ‘Mumbai Dabbawala’, which is based on a commission for each successful food delivery. So, whenever a new delivery order is placed, ‘Dabbawala’ receives a notification, on his mobile app, and a commission for their very successful delivery.

This commission-based business model is used by the venture. The story was widely inspired by entrepreneurs and publicized by many media houses, and as a result, his company received a significant free marketing campaign. At present, he has become a great brand.

Net worth of Tilak Mehta

Tilak Mehta's Net Worth is more than 50 crores in 2022 while his personal monthly income is 5 lakhs+ as per reports.

Inspiration And Vision of Tilak Mehta

In an interview, Tilak Mehta mentioned, “I am inspired by Mukesh Ambani. I also enjoy reading about Steve Jobs, who dropped out of school and established such a successful company.” Tilak wants his startup to keep growing, earn profit & inspire other people. Paper N Parcel aims to make the lives of people who are associated with Paper N Parcels simpler regardless of them being customers, Dabbawalla, or delivery partners.


Tilak Mehta a 13-year-old boy becomes the youngest successful entrepreneur not only in India but in the world. His simple and creative idea of venture which is named paper n parcels is a delivery service of all kinds of essential regular things from pick up to delivery to the people's doorstep.

Tilak inspires young entrepreneurs who made a Digital Courier Company by providing One-Day parcel service, with the help of “Mumbai Dabbawala.” The startup is primarily based on a mobile application with more than 300 Dabbawalas connected to the startup, delivering around 1200 parcels daily to their destination on the same day.


What is the present age of Tilak Mehta?

Tilak Mehta presently is 16 years old as of 2022

Who is the No 1 entrepreneur in Asia?

Jack Ma. is the co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group. He has amassed a fortune of USD 31.3 billion through his business ventures

Who is the youngest CEO in India?

Radhika Gupta is India's youngest CEO of the company Edelweiss MF.

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Tilak Mehta’s Success Story: An Indian Entrepreneurial Tale (2024)


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